Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pagans Start Fire in Flat to get rid of 'Negative Vibes'

When Terence Williams and Aftab Mughai experienced negative vibes in the air, there was only one logical thing to do.

Removing all their clothes, they set fire to pieces of newspaper and began burning away the bad atmosphere in Williams' apartment.

Unfortunately, negative vibes were not the only thing the Wiccans managed to burn.

As smoke came pouring out of the building in Nottingham, UK, concerned neighbors called in fire fighters, who arrived to find Williams and Mughai stark naked amidst the billowing flames.

Determined to complete their ritual, the men had to be forcibly removed from the apartment as three separate fires raged inside. They later pled guilty to charges of arson.

Hopefully, next time they'll stick to meditating on their yoga mats. Goddamn hippies.

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