Monday, April 30, 2012

Dentist Pulls out Ex-Boyfriend's Teeth

Having a professional dentist in your close circle of friends can come in handy on many occasions.

But when the dentist in question is an ex-girlfriend who you recently dumped for another woman, you're probably better off thumbing through the Yellow Pages.

Sadly, Polish lothario Marek Olszewski decided to take his chances, and put himself at the mercy of ex-girlfriend Anna Mackowiak.

Unable to contain her rage, 34-year-old Mackowiak used the opportunity to sedate Olszewski and yank out every last one of his teeth.

The 45-year-old woke up to find his head and jaw heavily bandaged to prevent him from opening his mouth.

Mackowiak told him there had been complications and he would need to see a specialist, but when he arrived home, Olszewski discovered the horrifying truth.

Ironically, his new girlfriend has since dumped him for being toothless.

Moral: Beware a scorned woman wielding a pair of dental pliers. 

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