Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Austrian Village 'F*&$ing' to Change Name

Residents of a tiny European village are contemplating changing the name of their hamlet after years of ridicule and unwanted attention.

The residents of Fucking, a 104-person village in northern Austria, are due to vote on the spelling of the name this week.

The village, which was named after a 6th-century Bavarian nobleman named Focko, has been subject to much mockery since it was discovered by US servicemen stationed in Austria at the end of World War II.

Over the years, villagers have had to cope with a variety of name-related incidents, ranging from the theft of 13 expensive road signs to semi-naked women posing for photographs.

Fellow villagers in Windpassing and Rottenegg have so far refused to cave to giggling tourists, despite numerous unpleasant incidents in local shops and restaurants.

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