Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egypt Plans Law Enabling Husbands to Have Sex with Wives after Death

Those crazy Egyptians. When they're not wrapping their dead in strips of toilet paper and entombing them in giant pyramids, they're legalizing necrophilia.

Thanks to a controversial new law, husbands may soon legally have sex with their wives for up to six hours after their death.

It is unclear who decided that six hours was the socially acceptable time period to make love to a corpse, but Islamic lawmakers have undoubtedly undertaken plenty of research into the matter.

The 'farewell intercourse' bill, which is currently in draft form, also includes provisions to lower the minimum age of marriage to 14, and strip women of their rights to education and employment.

To summarize: Egyptian males will soon be allowed to copulate with the bodies of their dead 14-year-old brides, whose uneducated countrywomen will be none the wiser as to why this might be a bad idea.

Well played Egypt. Well played.

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"Not tonight darling, I have rigor mortis"

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