Monday, April 23, 2012

Man Dresses up as Dead Mother to Claim Social Security Benefits

When 73-year-old Irene Prusik died in 2003, her son was naturally devastated.

Not because he had lost his mother, but because he would lose out on all the financial aid she was receiving.

Unwilling to forgo Prusik's $700-a-month Social Security checks, Thomas Prusik-Parkin concocted an elaborate scheme in which he continued to collect his mother's benefits by donning a wig and a cane and cashing in her payments.

Prusik-Parkin successfully pulled off the scam for six years, netting $115,000 in benefits in addition to his own disability checks.

After having the audacity to complain about being ripped off by the person who bought his mother's apartment in a foreclosure auction, the fraudster was caught in 2009.

Prusik-Parkin, an admitted Norman Bates fan, now faces 25 years in prison for grand larceny.

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"Is that your cane, or are you just pleased to see me?"

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