Monday, July 9, 2012

Student Physicists Conclude Batman Would Die on Landing

A scientific study of Batman's cape has concluded that although the superhero might be able to fly, he would suffer horrific injuries upon landing.

Student physicists at the University of Leicester, UK, investigated the aerodynamics of Batman's special rigid cape.

They concluded that the cape - which at 15ft is about half the width of some hang gliders - would be sufficient to keep the superhero airborne over Gotham City.

However, the increase in velocity upon descent would likely result in the caped crusader becoming an unsightly stain on the pavement.

The team of four students found that if Batman jumped from a building 492ft (150m) high, he could glide a distance of around 1148ft (350 metres).

But his velocity would increase to about 68 mph as he descended before reaching a steady 50 mph as he approached street level - a speed too great for him to survive without serious injury.

In the paper, titled "Trajectory of a Falling Batman," the team recommends that Batman incorporate a parachute into his winged attire to ensure a safe landing.

Alternatively, he could use Robin as a crash mat...

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"Holy internal organ failure, Batman!"

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