Friday, July 6, 2012

Mother Foils Son's Robbery Attempt

An angry mother stormed into a Mississippi convenience store to prevent her son from robbing it.

Sharron Mitchell foiled son Roy's attempt to rob a D's One Stop Food Mart by following him into the store and grabbing a fake gun out of his hands as he pointed it at the cashier.

Roy Mitchell, 22, tried to extort money from the cashier in Brandon, Mississippi on Tuesday by waving the weapon around as he paid for a bag of Doritos.

Rather than march her wayward son to the police station, Sharron Mitchell then pleaded with the woman behind the counter not to call the authorities, assuring her that Roy was only "mucking around."

If that's what passes for a lark down in Mississippi these days, I'm glad I live north of the border.

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"Don't worry, it's just a toy. And did you know he wet the bed until he was 14?"

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