Monday, July 9, 2012

Jailed Lawyer Sues Over Jigsaw Puzzle Ban

Stretching the Constitution to include the right to privacy is one thing, but a jailed Wall Street lawyer is trying to expand it that little bit further.

Alan Berkun, who was jailed for six years for stock fraud, claims that his First Amendment rights are being breached because prison chiefs... wait for it... won't allow him to keep jigsaw puzzles in his cell.

Yep, Berkun is taking a stand on this important issue, and he won't rest until every prisoner has the right to order jigsaw puzzles from

The prisoner, who is serving his sentence at a low security prison near Miami, Florida, has taken his case before a judge and government lawyers.

The ban on jigsaw puzzles is currently imposed by the US Bureau of Prisons because the pieces may clutter up cells and pose a fire hazard.

Let's hope that this urgent matter is cleared up before Berkun runs out of books to read in his cell...

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Fleecing people out of millions of dollars means I have to give up jigsaw puzzles? That's outrageous!

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