Monday, July 16, 2012

Cat Celebrates 15th Anniversary as Town Mayor

Disappointed by the contenders for town mayor, the citizens of Talkeetna, Alaska, decided to nominate an alternative.

Using their voting prerogative to elect a write-in candidate, residents suggested a local named Stubbs as their next leader.

Fifteen years later, Mayor Stubbs is still in charge of the 900-person town - although some of the locals complain he's their laziest mayor yet.

Stubbs, a ginger part-Manx cat, has done little for local politics, but he's vastly improved the town's tourism prospects.

Since his inauguration, around 40 people a day flock to Nagley's General Store, where Mayor Stubbs enjoys his afternoon catnip in a wine glass.

The tech savvy feline even has his own Facebook page, which currently boasts nearly 2,000 subscribers - more than the average American teenager.

Best of all, the pint-sized politician has yet to embarrass the town with a salacious sex scandal, preferring instead to hang out at the general store and greet his constituents.

Neutering politicians? Now that's paws for thought...

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"I'd like to propose a new bylaw reducing the tax on catnip"

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