Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modern Day Knight Attempts to Bring Back Chivalry in Canada

A 22-year-old Canadian man is on a quest to bring chivalry back to the modern world.

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, from Quebec, is traveling across Canada on his trusty steed, "Couer de Lion" (Lionheart), dressed in full knight's regalia.

Along the way, the pair are performing valiant deeds, lending a hand on the farms and homesteads that they pass, and promoting chivalry and good manners.

Mr. Kirouac, who is currently six weeks into his journey, is surviving on donations to his website and the kindness and generosity of strangers he meets along the way.

He hopes to reinstate values that have been lost in the modern world, such as devotion, honesty, respect, and goodness.

Yeah, that sounds really hard in Canada.

If he really wants a challenge, he should trek through the Midwest. Day 1: Gallop through Chicago and teach the Black Gangster Disciples the virtues of chivalry, good manners, and respect.

Now that would be a quest worth sponsoring...

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His mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries

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