Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Row Leads to Brown Sauce Attack

An irate boyfriend attacked his partner with a bottle of brown sauce after she refused to stop reading a popular erotic novel.

Raymond Hodgson, 31, was charged with common assault after he showed up at girlfriend Emma McCormick's house with a bottle of brown sauce and squirted her in the face with it.

The couple, from Cumbria, UK, had been arguing over McCormick's choice of reading material, with Hodgson protesting that the hit novel "50 Shades of Grey" was 'distasteful' and 'pornographic.'

Their argument continued over a two-day period, before escalating to the point where Hodgson decided he needed to take his revenge.

On June 26, he went to the home where his girlfriend lived with her parents. When she answered the door, they continued arguing until Hodgson slapped her once in the face and squirted her with the sauce.

Hodgson later pleaded guilty to a single charge of common assault in Carlisle Magistrates' Court and was given a 6-month community service order and ordered to pay his victim compensation.

Guess he showed her the true meaning of 'saucy'...

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"Oh no, please don't throw that brown sauce all over me and then smear it into my armpits..."

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