Monday, July 9, 2012

Parents Attempt to Smuggle Baby in Luggage

An Egyptian couple attempted to sneak their five-month-old baby past customs officials by stuffing it inside a bag and running it through an airport scanner.

The husband and wife, who had been trying to enter the United Arab Emirates, were arrested at Sharjah International Airport on Friday and charged with child endangerment after exposing their tot to the radiation within the scanner.

Both parents had visas to enter the UAE, but had failed to procure one for their newborn son.

When they were initially detained at Sharjah Airport the couple were told that they would need to stay at immigration until the relevant office opened on Sunday.

Instead, the pair decided to make a break for it when customs staff changed at the end of their shift by hiding the baby in a carry-on bag.

At least the kid only got put through the carry-on scanner. If they'd had a daughter, they would have checked her into the hold...

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How on earth did this get in there?

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