Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Husband Solicits Men to Rape Wife on Craigslist

This year's top contender for worst husband of the year goes to a chap in Idaho, who decided it would be a good idea to have his wife raped by strangers on Craigslist.

The 32-year-old Army serviceman, from Twin Cities, posted a casual encounters ad on the website that was supposedly written by his (presumably estranged) wife.

The ad claimed that she harbored a secret desire to be raped and encouraged men to enter her home and forcibly have sex with her 'no matter how much she resisted.'

Obviously delighted by the prospect of carrying out their twisted fantasies without consequence, several would-be rapists responded to the advert and were further encouraged to break into the victim's home.

The poor woman was targeted on two separate occasions, the first of which involved a violent struggle with an intruder who grabbed her gun and chased her around the house with it, randomly firing shots.

It was only after the second rape attempt two days later (which ended with the victim holding the intruder at gunpoint) that police were able to determine the reason for the woman's sudden run of really really bad luck.

Tracing the emails from the second attacker's cellphone, they discovered that the advert had been placed from her husband's workplace at the Army National Guard.

The couple were subsequently reunited, whereupon the woman passionately embraced her husband and thanked him for 'the best belated Valentine's Day surprise ever.'

Just kidding. He's currently in Twin Cities County Jail and his wife is presumably Googling divorce lawyers... 

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"She might sound like she's in fear for her life, but she's enjoying herself, honesty"

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