Friday, June 1, 2012

Six-Year-Old Successfully Forges Parental Note

When six-year-old Gannon Farley decided he would rather play at home on his Wii than attend an after-school program, he knew just how to go about it.

Forging a note explaining that he would not be attending that day, the first-grader, from Middleboro, Massachusetts, handed it to his teacher.

Given that the note had three spelling mistakes and was written in bright yellow marker, the teacher was understandably suspicious about its authenticity.

She sent Gannon to the school secretary at Henry B. Burkland Elementary School who, upon trying and failing to reach his mother via telephone, sent him home alone on the bus.

The enterprising six-year-old was later found safe and well at a neighbor's house.

In the secretary's defense, the note was probably a vast improvement on most of those received from the illiterate single parents in the school district...

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The teachers were impressed that Gannon's mum had finally learned to read and write

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