Friday, June 8, 2012

Couple Literally Sees Sparks Fly After Romantic Proposal Ends in Electrocution

Proposing to his girlfriend during a champagne balloon flight seemed like a good idea at the time.

But Martin Newsome, from Sellersburg, Indiana, is probably regretting his romantic gesture, which resulted in the electrocution of both his future wife and the balloon's pilot.

The disaster occurred after the balloon hit a power cable, knocking the pilot unconscious.

Pilot Dallas Beale, who fortunately survived the experience, then fell onto Newsome's girlfriend Sheri, electrocuting her and causing burns to her arm.

Newsome, who by this point was probably wishing he'd gone with the Jumbotron option, had to single-handedly land the balloon and resuscitate the pilot.

On the plus side, the girlfriend said yes...

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"OK, OK, I"ll marry you, just steer the balloon away from that power line..."

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