Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obese Corpse's Body Fat Sets Crematorium on Fire

An obese woman in Austria had so much body fat that when crematorium officials attempted to burn her remains, they set the entire building on fire.

The woman, who weighed more than 200kg (31 st, 7 lbs), caused the oven to overheat, starting the blaze at the crematorium in the southern city of Graz.

Reports state that the filter temperature reached over 300 degrees, and officials realized that there was a problem when thick black smoke began pouring into the building.

The device was turned off, but a fire had already started in the filter.

Most disturbingly, when firemen attended the scene, they were covered in a layer of greasy black soot - otherwise known as cremated body fat.

Pork sandwich anyone?

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"Mmm,  I just got a whiff of roast pork"

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