Monday, June 25, 2012

Anti-Semitic Elmo Cuffed in Central Park

Sesame Street characters traditionally teach children about love, tolerance, and how to make as much mess as possible while eating cookies.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that people who rent a character costume based on the popular children's television series share the same family values.

As a result, instead of learning about the letter 'a' and the number 43, you might get to learn a string of racial epithets and ethnic slurs.

Anti-semitic Elmo - the name's still available to trademark, folks - was swiftly cuffed by New York's finest and escorted out of Central Park as he urged passersby to read The International Jew.

There is no word as yet about whether the pamphlet of anti-semitic musings will feature on next week's storytime with Bert and Ernie...

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