Friday, June 22, 2012

Man Crushed by Giant Cactus

An Arizona man is in intensive care after being crushed by a 16-foot cactus.

City worker William Mason, 40, was responding to an emergency water leak in a Yuma subdivision on Tuesday, when the giant saguaro fell on him and pinned him to the ground.

Members of Mason's work crew managed to free the unfortunate man, who suffered multiple injuries during the incident, including a broken back, broken leg, internal injuries, and a fever.

Doctors at Yuma Regional Medical Center also had to remove 146 cactus spines from his body.

Mason was undergoing surgery on Thursday night and remains in a serious condition.

There is no word as yet on the status of the cactus, although it is thought to be the aggressor in the incident. Witnesses said it was behaving like a giant prick...

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"I am the almighty saguaro and you shall bow down before me or pay the penalty..."

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