Thursday, June 7, 2012

Six-Year-Old Sends New York Giants Player his Pocket Money

When six-year-old Giants fan Joe Armento heard that his favorite player was leaving New York because the team couldn't afford to keep him, he decided to take action.

Raiding his piggy bank, Joe came up with $3.36, which he put in a plastic sandwich bag and mailed to running back Brandon Jacobs.

The enclosed note from Joe's mother, Julie, explains that the boy wanted to send Jacobs his pocket money after she told him that the Giants couldn't afford to keep the running back on their team.

Jacobs, who recently signed with the San Francisco 49ers, was so moved by Joe's gesture that he posted the letter online.

The player says he is planning to return Joe's money and may pay him a surprise visit, although sadly, the letter did not convince him to return to New York.

Given the fact that the maximum daily temperature in New York in January is 4 degrees celsius, you can't really blame him...

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"Thanks, kid. Now cough up the other $13 million and I'll think about it"

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