Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rogue Cheese-Rolling Race Held in Gloucestershire

Two years ago, officials banned the famous Gloucestershire cheese-rolling event on the basis of 'elf and safety.

This year, cheese lovers, adrenalin seekers, and wannabe anarchists decided to tell the jobsworths at the local council where to stick it, and hosted the event themselves.

Several hundred spectators watched as the athletes pursued the giant wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down 200 meters of wet, slippery grass, brambles, and nettles in Brockworth, UK.

You can almost see the health and safety officials wincing in anticipation of the broken limbs and threatened lawsuits.

But other than a few mud stains, no one appeared to be any the worse for wear after four races down the 1:2 gradient hill.

Local champion cheese roller Chris Anderson, 24, won two of the three men's races, and was awarded the wheel of Double Gloucester, despite not being a big fan of the strong-tasting cheese.

The unusual event has been celebrated for centuries and is believed to originate from a heathen festival celebrating the return of spring.

Apparently in Gloucestershire, planting daffodils and cleaning out the cupboards is for pussies...

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"Maybe we should have just gone to the dairy section in Asda"

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