Friday, June 1, 2012

'Cleaning Fairy' Breaks into Houses, Cleans, and Leaves Bill

It's a unique business plan that probably won't catch on; breaking into people's houses, cleaning them, and then leaving a bill.

The 'cleaning fairy' - 53-year-old Susan Warren - has apparently been using her unorthodox technique for quite some time, with varying degrees of success.

Unfortunately, the Ohio woman's latest unofficial cleaning job has landed her in hot water with the local police.

After picking a house at random, Warren broke in and then proceeded to take out the trash, vacuum the carpet, and wash the dishes.

She then left a bill for $75 with her name and address on a napkin.

The homeowners' daughter awoke to find the house neat and tidy and initially assumed that her parents had hired a cleaner.

They in turn assumed that Warren had accidentally cleaned the wrong house, and were stunned when they called the number on the napkin and discovered that her actions had been intentional.

Warren was arrested and taken to Cuyahoga County Jail, where she is facing felony burglary charges.

On the plus side, the next drunk driver in Cuyahoga County will enjoy spotless facilities at the county jail...

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