Monday, February 27, 2012

Vagina Sculpture Unveiled at High School

A 12.5ft sculpture installed on the front lawn of an Alaskan high school is causing titters in the classroom because of its similarity to a giant vagina.

The sculpture, called 'Warrior Within,' is supposed to represent two warrior shields encircled by glowing feathers.

Instead, students at Wasilla High School say the $100,000 sculpture looks more like female genitalia.

The work, which was reviewed and approved by the school district before installation, was initially covered by a tarp, but is now back on display.

A school spokesperson allegedly said: "We've had far too much lip from the students on this matter. The sculpture was covered up because it was labial to be vandalized, not because of adolescent snickering. We decided to stop pussy-footing around and just take away the tarp. The sculpture is now back in full pubic view."

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School officials are demanding a cervixable explanation for the sculptors' poor judgment

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