Friday, February 10, 2012

Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop after she Complains About Chores on Facebook

When 15-year-old Hannah Jordan wrote a Facebook post complaining about the amount of chores her parents forced her to do, she thought her privacy settings would prevent her family from reading it.

Unfortunately, Hannah's father is an IT expert. After discovering Hannah's online rant, he decided to teach her a lesson by filming himself blasting nine rounds into her laptop and uploading the video to YouTube.

In an applause-worthy dose of tough love, Mr. Jordan tells Hannah she can have a new laptop when she gets off her "lazy ass" and earns the money to pay for it herself.

Sadly, Hannah is unlikely to view her father's masterpiece, since her laptop appears to be malfunctioning...

Click here to see video

Furious: Tommy Jordan blasts nine rounds into daughter Hannah's laptop.

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