Friday, February 24, 2012

Slovaks Vote to Name Bridge After Chuck Norris

No one treads on action hero Chuck Norris! Unless you're in Slovakia, in which case you just might get a chance to trample all over the martial arts expert and live to tell the tale.

Given the chance to name a new pedestrian and cycling bridge near the nation's capital, voters overwhelmingly picked Norris.

Although voting runs through April, the '80s action star is rocking a 74 percent lead with 1,157 votes, leaving runner up "Maria Theresa Bridge" lagging way behind with a puny 8 percent minority.

The final decision is up to a regional assembly, but regional governor Pavol Freso has said he will abide by the majority decision.

Good call, Governor. No one messes with Chuck Norris.

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There was once a street named after Chuck Norris, but they renamed it. No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

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