Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'Yarnbomber' Attacks Town with Knitting Creations

A guerilla knitter has been causing a stir in a UK town by mysteriously dropping off their handiwork in the middle of the night.

Dubbed the "Saltburn Yarnbomber" by locals, the knitter has been leaving beautifully-crafted woolly displays around the small North Yorkshire town over the past six months but never come forward to claim credit for their work.

Knitting experts estimate that the latest offering - an Olympic-themed scarf adorned with detailed models of athletes - would have taken up to a year to complete and most of the night to attach to the pier it was displayed at.

Locals have already ruled out most of the close-knit community and say they have "no darned idea" who might be leaving the woolly creations.

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Photo: North News and Pictures

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