Friday, March 2, 2012

Mother Gives Birth to Third Leap Year Baby

A Utah woman has just equalled a world record by giving birth to her third consecutive leap year baby.

Louise Estes tied a record set in the 1960s when she welcomed baby Jade on Wednesday morning, exactly four years after the birth of son Remington and eight years after eldest son Xavier.

In a genius example of frugal family planning, the Estes will now only need to buy three birthday presents every four years, saving them an absolute fortune.

"We really couldn't have planned it any better," Mr. Estes reportedly said yesterday. "Not only will we save a ton of money on birthday presents and parties, we also won't need to worry about life after graduation for another 72 years. Bonus!"

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Xavier was none too happy about having to share the limelight with his new sister

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