Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Roller Coaster Rips Limbs off Crash Test Dummies

Everyone likes a good adrenalin rush.

But if you prefer your limbs attached to your body, you'd do well to steer clear of a London theme park's latest attraction, at least until its engineers can figure out how to stop dismembering riders.

Thorpe Park's new winged roller coaster, the Swarm, is so powerful that even British fighter pilots have described it as 'gut-wrenching.'

The coaster travels at 62mph, leaving riders' arms and legs dangling freely as it plummets through an inverted 127ft drop and comes perilously close to several brick walls.

Most worryingly, test runs of the new ride have seen crash test dummies return from the experience missing arms and legs.

Here's hoping park executives have good lawyers; in a dismemberment case they won't have a leg to stand on...

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"Don't worry everyone, it's perfectly 'armless"

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