Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Art Exhibit Forces Participants to Marry Visitors

Disheartened by the disproportionate number of creeps you've been meeting on dating websites? Take a trip to the Ukraine!

No, we're not proposing a mail-order bride or an Eastern European sugar daddy this time. The Ukrainians have a much better idea.

Take a bunch of attractive young women to an art exhibit, have them pose like Sleeping Beauty, and then encourage numerous desperate perverts to come and stare at them while they slumber.

Kissing the defenseless actresses on the lips is actively encouraged.

Oh, and by the way, if they open their eyes when you kiss them, they have to marry you. No seriously, it's in the contract.

The bizarre exhibit is part of a three-week long art project at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Visitors, who must be single and over the age of 18, all have to sign a contract upon entry declaring that if they kiss a beauty on the lips and she opens her eyes, they will marry her.

Organizer Taras Polataiko hopes the exhibit will produce a genuine love connection between participants and visitors.

Guess it's got about as much chance as a drunken grope in a nightclub toilet...

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