Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kangaroo Escapes Animal Park with Help from Fox and Wild Boar

German officials are searching for a sneaky kangaroo who bounded out of an animal park with a little help from a fox and a wild boar.

Three kangaroos initially hopped through a hole in the fence of their enclosure made by a helpful fox.

Skippy, Jack, and Mick then headed toward the Frankfurt park's exterior barriers.

One of them lost interest in the great escape and was recaptured within the park's grounds, but the other two scrabbled to freedom through a hole dug by a wild boar.

Vets eventually caught one of the escapees after a long chase, but the third kangaroo is proving harder to track down.

Several sightings of the mischievous marsupial have been reported, but he is unlikely to return to the park out of hunger because the area has plenty of grass for him to forage.

Zoo officials are reported to be hopping mad...

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Strewth mate, now all I need is a lift across the river from a friendly crocodile...

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