Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Australian Neighbors Settle Argument with Chainsaw and Samurai Sword

When two warring neighbors got into yet another fight, they settled it the Australian way; with a chainsaw and a Samurai sword.

Unsurprisingly, neither of the two men, from Minto, near Sydney, came off particularly well in the incident.

Mark Jorgenson, 29, was picked up by paramedics with a partially severed arm, while neighbor Troy Thornton, 26, lost a finger.

The pair had allegedly been fighting over loud music, resulting in Thornton storming over to Jorgenson's house armed with a chainsaw.

Jorgenson grabbed the closest weapon he could find to defend himself (who doesn't keep a Samurai sword next to their front door for exactly this occasion) and the pair launched into battle.

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I guess when you live in a country where even the house spiders can kill you, any latent pussy genes are beaten out of you at a fairly young age:

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