Friday, September 7, 2012

Scientists Develop Remote-Controlled Cockroaches

A team of researchers has created the ultimate spy technology...cyborg cockroaches.

Scientists from North Carolina State University have released a video showing how they are able to manipulate live roaches by attaching a tiny chip to the creatures' backs.

The remote micro-controller is wired directly into the bug's nervous system, enabling the researchers to direct the creature's movements via a series of electrical charges.

The research team hopes that the technology will ultimately be used to gather information from disaster zones and seek out survivors.

Either that or the cockroaches will be stolen by a Russian megalomaniac, fitted with giant laser beams, and used to take over the world.

Then we'll all be sorry we didn't listen to PETA...

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"Giant laser beam? Check. Pocket explosives? Check. Alright chaps, we're going in..."

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